Paget Paget
Paget Paget
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Bone Showing Active Lesion of Paget's Disease  
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  The histologic aspects of Paget's disease are characterized by an alteration in osteoclastic activity, which results in an accelerated rate of bone resorption, and increased osteoblastic activity. In this slide, a hematoxylin and eosin-decalcified stained section shows an active lesion of Paget's disease with large, multinucleated osteoblasts. One osteoclast has at least 50 nuclei. Multinucleation is striking and typical of Paget's disease. Also, numerous osteoblasts are repairing bone previously resorbed by the osteoclasts. The marrow is grossly abnormal with an intensely fibrovascular appearance that is typical of active disease.  
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