For Healthcare Professionals - What is Paget's Disease of Bone?

ist2_12572104-doctor-exlplains-test-resultsPaget's disease of bone is a chronic skeletal disorder which may result in enlarged or deformed bones in one or more regions of the skeleton. Excessive bone breakdown and formation can result in bone which is dense but fragile. Pain is the most common symptom. Complications may include arthritis, fractures, bowing of limbs and hearing loss if Paget's disease affects the skull. Though the causes are not known, medical therapies are available to manage the disease.

Paget's Disease - Information for Healthcare Providers

info_button_64These resources are for healthcare professionals involved in treating Paget's disease of bone.


A Physician's Guide to The Management of Paget's Disease of Bone
A Nurse's Guide to the Management of Paget's Disease
Educational Slide Program - Diagnosis and Management of Paget’s Disease of Bone